Fabric – The raw materials from which all clothing and home furnishings are made.

There is no substitute for fine quality fabrics in your life; it touches your very existence, your body, your family, your environment. You’ll find a surplus of just about every material your hands or machine can handle at Les Fabriques – and you can count on the quality of every yard.


Incredible fabric doesn’t always come with a fancy label. But in the case that it does, you’ll find it at Les Fabriques. We carry fabrics and patterns from the most widely-known and innovative names in home and clothing couture. Pair an avant-guard Vogue pattern with the timelessness of a classic silk, or combine the ease of a Burda pattern with a modern print from Alexander Henry for a truly fabulous result.


We’re proud to supply the varied and creative minds of our customers with beautiful fabrics for all occasions. Unlike many larger fabric stores, we stock a myriad of fabrics for use in both home decoration and clothing construction. Whatever your next project, you’ll find the design, brand, pattern, material and texture to make it happen at Les Fab.