Sewing Levels


You’re never too young to begin sewing – In fact, Les Fabriques’ owner, Carla, first picked up her shears at age 6!

These classes teach aspiring designers the basics of fabric, hand stitching and working with machines. Students will benefit from hands-on learning and concept while constructing their own garments with the help and guidance of our instructors.


If you’re looking for a creative outlet, have a new-found passion for sewing, or want a working knowledge of patterns and fabrics – Beginner sewing classes at Les Fabriques fit the bill!

Begin with basic terms, essential equipment instruction, and pattern and fabric selection, then let our instructors guide you as you read, mark and adjust patterns, assemble items and tie it all together with simple finishing details and embellishments. A great way to begin a new (or rekindle an old) favorite past time.


Build your sewing repertoire in classes that introduce garment mechanics (buttons, buttonholes, zippers and other closures) as well as more advanced stylistic elements (pockets, sleeves, darts and interfacing).

Intermediate sewers also explore basic seam techniques and finishes and learn to alter garments in both fit and design. These courses are perfect for new fabric lovers who’ve completed a five-week beginner course, or who have personal experience using patters and sewing machines.


It’s all in the details … your personal style, that is!

Advanced sewers focus on new seam and tailoring techniques, work with lining, sleeve headers, buttons, in-sets, godets, pockets and even discover approaches to couture sewing. Open to anyone who has completed an intermediate level course, advanced courses also provide instruction in creating and altering patterns with the sewer’s personal taste in mind.